Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronoto. Well, at least for now.

What can you say? Video of him smoking crack. Admitting he smoked crack. Denying he's a crack addict. Affirming he smoked crack when he was stupid drunk. Admitting he's done a lot of dumb things when he's, in his phrase, "hammered."

Then there was the video of him screaming about killing someone when he was obviously inebriated in the level above "hammered."

Then a picture today of Mayor Rob Ford looking like Chris Farley on Saturday Night Live. Generally speaking he looks like Chris Farley anyway: a big guy with a thick neck, hanging jowels, and a giant scarey belly. The picture today, run mercilessly by the television networks intent on making fun of him, shows Ford staring at the camera bug-eyed. One picture, thousand words. Done.

You put all this together and what do you get? Rising poll numbers, that's what!

There is something about Rob Ford that Canadians like. I think Americans like him too. It may be horrifying to see your Mayor smoking crack or drunkenly raving, but he says "I was drunk, I won't do it again," and people seem to say, yeah ok, that's fine.

I don't know how it's going to work out with Mayor Ford but I'm cheering him on. I hope he stops smoking crack, that he drinks a bit less, that he loses some weight, that he controls his temper, that he doesn't start hanging out with hookers and pimps. And that he has a glorious and success filled term as Mayor.

But the present evidence suggest things may not work out that way.

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