Keeps. Getting. Worse!


Keeps. Getting. Worse! More than 1 million Californians were notified that they will be dropped from their insurance doesn't sound like the President's Promises are being kept. Even Former President Bill Clinton is calling on Obama to keep his word...Gibson's head is spinning. FNC Digital Editor Chris Stirewalt will try and make it stop.

Starting to see clearly? The millions of hopeful youths who embraced "Hope and Change" hook line & sinker did not realize that President Obama was about to sink them. Under the ACA, insurance rates must fall within a 3:1 ratio for adults meaning the healthy and the young are about to pay a lot more. Is this fair? Doesn't's the law. The Daily Caller's, Matt Lewis explains.

Plus: Editorial Page Editor of the NY Post, Bill McGurn weighs in on the other Sebelius glitch.