Do men go to baby showers?


OK, now that we have that out of the way, let me put the question differently:

In this modern world of gender confusion, role shifting between the sexes, and the usual smug assumption on the part of youth that they know better than the elders, do men go to baby showers?

I am informed the answer is yes.

The reason I know this is that I opened an invitation to a baby shower and said to my wife, "Here's an invitation for you for somebody's baby shower." Didn't give it another thought.

That's because baby showers are something women do. Not men. Women invented baby showers as a favor to other women. Women know that a woman who is about to have a baby need things. Lots of things. And out of a sense of gender solidarity and sympathy and generosity, women created a wonderful event called the baby shower.

I don't go to baby showers, but I wholeheartedly support baby showers. I will pay for a gift for a baby shower. I will wave to my wife as she drives off to a baby shower. I will busy myself while she is gone doing things that need to be done. I will make dinner for her arrival home. I will greet her upon her return with a sincere question on how it went. I will be perfectly pleasant about everything. Honestly.

But I will not go.

This weekend's baby shower was the moment I discovered that while I wasn't looking I got old. That's because it turns  out young men do go to baby showers.

I know this because when my wife returned from the baby shower last weekend, she said there were a lot of men there. The implication was that I should have gone. Now my wife didn't really expect me to go, so she was fine with it. But --uh oh!--the lady who organized the baby shower did expect me to go and was evidently displeased with my position.

Which, of course, is ... men don't go to baby showers.

The lady who organized the baby shower could make that rule moot, of course. She insisted her husband go. He's the grandfather of the baby, so I understand. And the father of the baby also went, which I also understand.

But what surprised me was that a bunch of younger men, friends of the father and mother, not only showed up, but sat in for the one thing I truly abhor about baby showers: gathering to watch the mother-to-be open presents.

So, without actually trying to impose guilt on me, I was however informed that the men had a good time. There was beer, and food, and televisions showing football (sound down, I'll bet). So I should have gone.

Except I wouldn't. I wouldn't even if the (all male) Seal Team Six was there.

I used to be the youngest guy at work. Now I'm one of (if not the) oldest. So perhaps I'm upholding old, out of date values.


I don't care.

No offense ladies, but men don't go to baby showers.

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