Suppose on July 20, 1969 the world watched Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin crash onto the surface of the moon.

And let's say they managed to get out of the Lunar Lander, but it was wrecked and couldn't fly them home.

And let's say this all played out over weeks, and our government was helpless to do anything about it.

And let's say the President kept saying everything was fine. They're good up there. We'll get the computer glitches ironed out. They'll straighten out the struts and reconnect the wires and all will be well.

And yet information kept emerging from the gaggle of government secret-keepers that everything wasn't fine, the struts couldn't be bent back into shape, the wires couldn't be reconnected, and the President is not telling us the truth.

Meanwhile a helpless nation watched their spacemen stuck on the moon, too far away for any help to arrive in time. An ugly scene you would have wanted to turn away from, but the drama and the suspense just wouldn't allow anything but eyes-riveted-to-thetv attention.

What a mess that would have been! Thank god it wasn't what happened.

But it feels like that now with the Obamacare rollout.

The most true thing anyone has said about Obamacare recently came from the President himself: "It's the law!"

But just like a crashed moon landing, it's a mess, and there doesn't appear to be anything anyone can do about it.

It's the law, we have to obey it, at least in theory. But no one change it, even if it's all wrong, and it hurts people.

We stand by helplessly and watch it make its mess.

And the President, just like the one I imagined in 1969, is telling us it's fine. And yet we can see he knows better. We're left to conclude he's lying about the wreckage.

Of course the analogy falls apart pretty quickly. The moon landing, in fact, did go fine. The Obamacare landing not so much.

In 1969 Richard Nixon didn't have to lie about a botched moon landing. He lied about other things later.

But today we are watching our President lie right to our faces. "You like your health plan, you can keep it. Period."

It's not true. Obamacare has crashed landed on the surface of the moon. Every American was on the lander and is now wandering around the surface of the moon wondering how we're going to get back. There's no one to help.

We're stuck. And it's because the President lied.

Haven't we already learned how to handle these problems?

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