Getting Answers?

Marilyn Tavenner

Getting Answers? HHS Chief Kathleen Sebelius is in the hot seat and this morning she has apologized to the American people for the terrible rollout of national healthcare law and its website. Sebelius said the government has spent 118 million on the website and another 56 million on "IT" support for the website. It seems like this is one giant mess. Gibson wonders if it can be fixed at this point. He will ask Fox News Contributor, Dr. Ben Carson.

Booted! We are up to two million people being told they cannot renew their current insurance policies. What happen to Obama's promise that if you like your insurance policy or your doctor you can " keep it". Were we lied to? Gibson says of course! He will talk with FNC Digital Producer Chris Stirewalt.

Trick! A women in Fargo, ND plans to hand out " Fat Letters" to trick-or-treaters tomorrow who fit the bill of being "obese". She insists she wants to send a message to the parents that they are being irresponsible for allowing their heavy child to go "searching for candy". Is that going too far? What would you do if your kid received one of those letters? Gibson wonders what these kids have in store for her.

Plus: Dr. Charles Krauthammer calls in to talk about his new book, That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politic.