There are two kinds of people when it comes to lying, purposely not telling the truth.

One is the kind of person who is embarrassed or shamed by being caught in a lie.

The other is the kind of person who just doesn't care, who feels no shame, whose face doesn't flush red, a person who just goes on, and probably lies again.

Evidently our President is the second kind of person.

For years we have heard him say as often as possible that your health insurance will not change under Obamacare, that no one will take it away from you, that 'if you like your health insurance you can keep it. Period."

The problem is that is not so. As Obamacare is rolling out something on the order of fifteen million people are getting notices in the mail that their health insurance policy is cancelled. Those people are being offered new plans, or they may go on the state or federal exchanges and choose a new policy. The premiums will cost more, it will cover more than the person might need or want, and the deductibles are likely be more.

That much we knew yesterday.

Today we know more. Specifically we have been informed by NBC News (a particular reporter, in fact, who does not guzzle White House Kool-Aid) that the President and the White House have known the President was telling an untruth (gasp! A Lie?) since 2010. That was when it was made clear to the White House and the President that many millions of people would be losing the health insurance they liked, and would be pushed into expensive insurance they did not like.

This comes after President Obama claiming he knew nothing about a long list of outrages: the AP/Rosen phone tracking by his DOJ, the Solyndra meltdown by his Energy Department, the Benghazi  security lapses by his Department of State, the tapping of phones of allies' leaders by his NSA, and now the Obamacare rollout from his HHS.

He says he didn't know about these problems. He's either telling the truth or lying.

Now we know he was lying on the Obamacare issues. We suspect he might be lying if he claims to have not known of the phone tapping of Angela Merkel of German. After all, targeting someone of her position and status has to be approved by the White House.

So what about the rest of it. Do we now assume that everytime President Obama says he didn't know, we have to assume he's lying?

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