I am rooting for a quick repair of the Titanic-like website Healthcare.gov.

The reason is that I anticipate an even more disastrous situation is lurking behind these website difficulties.

The real problem with Obamacare is waiting to be discovered, as soon as the online experience allows the discovery to occur.

It's already happening in California and Florida, two state that by themselves account for a million of the people who have gotten cancellation notices from their insurance companies.

When a policy is cancelled because it does not meet current Obamacare minimum requirements the policy holder is advised by his or her insurance company what new coverage will look like.

Those who have been cancelled find themselves facing premium hikes that double their monthly payments, and in many cases goose premiums even more.

Californians who voted for Obamacare are shocked to learn that their reward for loyalty to the President is the dubious distinctions of being the ones who will now pay for it.

The quicker the online problems are solved, the better. Because it is only then that people will discover for themselves how bad their options are under this misguided law.

The President promised "If you like your insurance, you will be able to keep it. Nobody is going to take it away."


Now the White House is saying "some" people will lose their insurance. David Axelrod said this morning on MSNBC that "most" people will be able to keep their coverage. The former is more correct than the last. In the individual market upwards of 80% of policies are being cancelled.

Is this what Obama voters voted for? I doubt it.

Now it's up to Republicans to say they told you so--as nicely as possible--and bring those chagrined voters over to the right side of the issue.

Next year right about this time millions of people will be hearing that they employer insurance is either going away entirely or is changing drastically because of Obamacare requirements.

Right before the November elections.

That will be the time to bring together a coalition of the shocked, surprised and unwilling.

As Ron Fournier wrote in the National Journal today, some Democrats see a situation shaping up for them that can only be described as awful. One Democrat strategist said "Democrats are f@#ked". He could be right, especially if the GOP plays its cards right.

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