The incident occurred in Harbor City, a Los Angeles suburb, in the classroom of Narbonne High School.

A teacher was conducting a classroom lesson when she started getting a lot of talkback from the students.

She took it for a while, then... frustrated and angry... she exploded in what the newspapers describe as a profanity laced tirade.

She didn't shout "You little bleeps. You're all a bunch of bleeping bleeps." Instead she said something along the lines of "I've been trying to bleeping teach you something, and you bleeping resist every bleeping step of the way. So get your bleeping bleeps out of my classroom." I think you can figure out the words that go in the bleepspots.

A student recorded the outburst on a cell phone. Cell phones, by the way, are not allowed in classrooms. The students were provoking her, as some students later admitted. Students broke rules, students aggravated the teacher to the point of exasperation. But it was the teacher who was expelled.

The teacher was exposed by another teacher who saw the video. She was placed on leave, publicly humiliated by the  video which of course turned up on the news programs serving several million people in Los Angeles. And it was the put-upon, frustrated, at-the-end-of-her-rope teacher who has been forced to apologize and beg to keep her job.

All because she lost it... and bleeping cursed in front of her students, which, by the way, appear to be nasty, subversive, spoiled, scheming, plotting, entitled kids.

Oh, the shock! Parents up in arms! Administrators outraged! Action must be taken!

This is where I think somebody needs to wrap some fingers around the necks of some parents. These so called "children" are in her high school, in their late teen years. There is no doubt they have heard those bleeping words before. No doubt they all use those same bleeping words on each other. But if a teacher should use those words in the presence of the delicate sensibilities of these "children", she is the one who is punished. Never mind the "children" provoked her--and purposely.

I'm for giving this teacher a medal for exploding at kids who badly needed a dressing down. I'm for telling her to leave the bleeps out next time. And I'm most enthusiastically for the school administrators finding out which of those punks decided to undermine this teacher's classroom and expel those kids from the school permanently.

Let their parents waste time driving them to a school farther away every morning. Maybe the parents will realize the effects of their bad parenting.

I am assuming, of course, that bad parenting leads to kids acting up. I could be wrong. Sometimes good parenting still results in a bad kid, a kid who feels he or she can say anything to anybody and do anything without consequences.

Haven't we had enough of the tail wagging the dog?

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