Civil War?

GOP Civil War

Civil War? With the government shutdown and debt ceiling fight behind us, Republicans can move on to more important issues like who has the real power within the party? It is the Tea Party or the GOP establishment. Gibson is unsure. He will ask Former White House Press Secretary for U.S. President George W. Bush, Ari Fleischer.

Yikes! Less than one percent of people who visited in its first week actually enrolled for coverage under Obama Care, according to a new analysis by the consulting firm Kantar US Insights. Will Obama get the nearly half million signups by November that he projected? Gibson will talk with FBN Host Melissa Francis.

Get the Bleep Out! A full-time substitute teacher teaching at Glasgow Middle School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana was caught on tape unleashing a tirade of curse words at her 8th grade class. Parents are up in arms over this outburst, but Gibson wonders if the teacher was really that out of line. He decides.

Plus: Hip Hop Week In Review and The Weekend Book Report with Author Henry Buskin on his new Johnny Carson Tell-All.