A couple days ago there was a story that had many of us wondering ... how can a 9 year old boy get through airport security without a ticket, get on a plane without a ticket, and wind up flying off to Vegas?

It seemed like a funny story until the father appeared on television and begged for help.

The father only appeared with his face covered and he remained unidentified. But this problem doubtless struck a cord with parents everywhere.

How do you get a 9 year old to obey his parents, to adhere to some very basic concepts, simple things like not going to the airport and flying to Vegas as a stowaway. Not to mention the previous incidents, including one where the 9 year old  stole a car and smashed it into a bunch of other cars.

The father, so far unidentified, says he needs help. Go here to see his emotional public statement. http://www.kare11.com/news/article/1041952/391/Emotional-father-of-9-year-old-stowaway-speaks-out

You have to feel sorry for the man. He wants to do something that will help his son straighten out, but the boy is incorrigible and stubborn and willful. The law says he can't spank (beat) the boy, and yet the law says he's responsible for the boy's misbehavior.

The social workers say they can usually tell when a child is lying, but with this boy they are confused and don't know what to believe. Evidently the boy is a skilful manipulator, confounding the adults around him.

As a one-time juvenile hall guard I know what is coming. Eventually the kid is going to find himself locked up. I locked the door on lots of kids. It works on some, and on others it just makes things worse.

The kid needs help. The father needs more.

I wish them luck.

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