Raise The Roof!


Raise the Roof! The Speaker of the House has a plan that enables the debt-limit "can" to be kicked 6-weeks down the line to Nov 22nd in a "clean" bill. Is this a "fold"? Gibson decides. Plus: Commentary Magazine writer Peter Wehner talks to John about how the Shutdown may be a backfire for Obama.

Troubled! The tearful father of a 9-year-old Minneapolis boy who sneaked aboard a flight to Las Vegas last week said that his son has a history of behavioral problems, but that he feels powerless to rein him in. He asked for help but was told the kid has not "done enough" wrong to intervene. Should he be able to discipline his own child without the worry of facing jail time? Gibson asks founder of Women for Men (WFM), Suzanne Venker.

Plus: Daily Caller's Patrick Howley gives Gibson the latest on the phony IRS scandal.