Yesterday President Obama repeated many, if not all, of the things he has said about Republicans in recent weeks over the crisis twins, the budget and the debt ceiling.

One moment caught my attention. Paraphrasing him now, he said there is a government shutdown, extortion directed at the White House, because of a few Republican "extremists" who are worried about facing a primary challenge in their home districts.

What are we to take from this statement?

Voters can elect their representatives to go to Washington, D.C. to do the people's business but when the President and other politicians demand they ignore their own constituents' concerns these elected representatives should cast their voters aside?

The President is demanding that members of Congress disregard the wishes of the people who elected them to Congress and instead do what the President has decided is right and proper.

Those Tea Party members who were elected to Congress represent voters who think the U.S. government spends too much and those voters want it stopped.

They may be outnumbered and ultimately they may lose the vote in the House. But it is the height of Obama's arrogance to dismiss the will of voters expressed at the ballot box.

I don't think the Tea Party caucus has done the right thing at all times. The Defund Obamacare push seemed futile and has proved to be.

But that's what those members' voters wanted them to do. That's what they were sent to Congress to do.

When Obama complains about the actions of those "extremist" House members he is complaining about their voters.

Complain away, Mr. President, but don't demand that the will of those voters be substituted by your better judgment.

That is arrogance personified.

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