I must say I'm glad the media is starting to pick up the Ben Carson story. This past Monday he was on my radio show telling how his first encounter ever with the IRS came right after he criticized President Obama in that speech at the Prayer Breakfast. Carson famously spoke of the problems with Obamacare right to the President's face, and the President's displeasure was evident. After all, this was the head of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Medical Center not just a man-on-the-street with his own uninformed objections.

Is it coincidence that after decades of filing tax returns the first instance of the IRS looking into Dr. Carson's finances came after speaking out about the President's ill-conceived health care plan? Certainly that is what we will hear, but after so much has been learned about the political targeting of Obama opponents suspicions of the IRS in the Carson case are not so easy to dismiss.

Carson is not the first individual to report IRS problems after expressing opposition to Obama. By and large the worst offense by the IRS in this regard have been directed against organizations. That is certainly the direction of the investigation.

But perhaps more inquiry should be made into the plight of individuals who find themselves targeted and whose public record has included speaking out against this administration.

I happen to know of one news organization which lodges objections to administration policies that has had a suspiciously high number of employees subjected to IRS scrutiny.

Maybe someone should look into it.

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