Shutdown Showdown!


Shutdown Showdown! The U.S. Senate is expected to reject a House of Representatives spending bill Monday that would delay President Barack Obama's health care law for one year, a move that brings the federal government on the verge of its first shutdown in 17 years, as the deadline for an agreement approaches at midnight. What does this mean for you? Gibson get's the latest from FNC Digital Producer Chris Stirewalt and Blogger for the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin.

No Fear! Why have some Republicans pushed so hard for this Gov't shutdown when many in their party have warned that it would be suicidal for the GOP? Byron York, Chief Political Correspondent for The Washington Examiner weighs in.

Plus: I- Love? A new survey found that three-percent of men would break up with their current love interest for the new iPhone. Christine seethes, while Gibson laughs.