Ted Cruz’s Filibuster Could Cost Him Millions

from alan.com

The people who give big money to the Republican Party aren’t falling in line with Ted Cruz and are, in fact, embarrassed by him. That’s not going to help him raise the kind of money he’ll need to satisfy his political ambitions.

According to several Republican sources, most of whom declined to disparage a rising star on the record, the party's donor class is rolling its eyes at Cruz's last-minute, long-shot attempt to keep the controversial health care law from fully going into effect -- dismissing it as unintelligible parliamentary trickery at best, and counterproductive self-promotion at worst.

Cruz, who most Republicans believe is positioning himself for a 2016 presidential run, will need the support of at least a portion of the party's moneyed donors to stay competitive in a primary. But skeptics say he's running the risk of being seen as unserious by the same people he will need to write him checks in a couple of years.

"Sure, he's revving up the base, but so did Michele Bachmann and Pat Buchanan," said one longtime Republican strategist who has worked on multiple state and national campaigns. "If you're serious about running for president... you need the serious money, more than the direct mail crowd and the small money donors."

"That," the Republican said, "is the difference between winning the Iowa Caucus and winning in a serious state like Florida."

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