The Syria deal is unraveling already.

First, the U.S, Department of State admitted, reluctantly, that the hard and fast deadline for Syria to turn over and inventory of its chemical weapons will slide, indefinitely. Secretary of State John Kerry said "no games", the list must be turned over in seven days, "not thirty days". But now, not so much. The State Department spokesperson said yesterday that the seven day deadline is not going to be a line in the sand.

Well then, here we go. What else in this deal isn't as firm as first advertised?

For one, there isn't anything in the deal that requires Assad to turn over chemical weapons quickly. Even in his interview with Fox's Greg Palkot and Dennis Kucinich yesterday Assad talked about it taking at least a year to comply with the ultimate goal of the U.S. and Russian agreement, the removal of all his chemical weapons.

And then in the same interview Assad also mentioned it was going to take about a billion dollars to gather up all the chemical weapons. He evidently is presenting the bill to President Obama.

The White House is now taking bows for a deal that it clearly muccled its way into. Nobody believes that, of course, but the notion seems to be that anything repeated often enough is eventually accepted as true.

At the same time the communist dictator in Russia is waltzing around the world grandly showing off his shiney new Russian influence.

More people around the world believe Putin than Obama. That's how far we have sunk.

As for the American President, after his humiliation before the world and the American public he stayed out of sight for three days. And when he emerged he unveiled his new approach to the Syria problem: change the subject.

Now what we hear from him is the lyrics he sings every time he strikes up the band: evil Republicans are standing in the way of the implementation of the brilliant ideas I, the President, have for renewing the economy.

The Syria bungle is now a lump quickly swept under the rug.

It's up to us to pay attention and see where this goes. At the moment the President and his minions are once again trying to hypnotize the public and the always willing to submit media.

Stay awake. Watch what happens. Don't let him forget.

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