Let's see... where are we as this whiplash week is finally ending?

Bashar Assad is now making demands of the United States before he follows through on his promise to turn over his chemical weapons. He's demanded Obama take an U.S. military strike off the table, and new today, he's also demanding the United States stop arming the Syrian rebels. Fortunately for him, President Obama has only now started actually delivering shipments of small arms, which are not a big threat to Assad's jet fighter/bombers, so he's in good shape there.


Vladimir Putin is relaxing after a week of showing President Obama how things work on the world stage. He has assumed the role of peacemaker while Obama is still pretending to rattle sabres. The White House is bleating into whatever microphones are available that Putin's prestige is on the line, which seems more than a bit limp from people fronting for an American President whose prestige has completely vanished.


Chris Matthews on MSNBC is crestfallen over Obama's performance this week, and Joe Klein at Time Magazine--another Obama cheerleader--says this week "has been one of the more stunning and inexplicable displays of presidential incompetence that I've ever witnessed."


As the week ends, John Kerry is being jerked around by the Syrians and the Russians, and we haven't heard anything from the President since he spoke to the nation Tuesday night. It's bunker time at the White House, evidently. Except Michelle is out asking us to drink more water.


Oh, and in the minor scandal department, the IRS official who took the fifth rather than testify before Congress is back in the news. Her emails show that she demanded that Tea Party applications to the IRS come to her personally rather than let low level hacks in Cincinnatti handle such delicate matters. So much for minions in Cinci going rogue.


Then there's the guy who had an eight hour late night meeting with the IRS commissioner the night before the orders on Tea Party applications were issued. He went missing to a foreign country for a few months, unavailable to congressional and media investigators. His name is Jeff Zients and he's just been named the replacement for Gene Sperling as the president's economic adviser. And, turns out his credentials for this job are his long experience at Bain Capital. The very same Bain of Mitt Romney fame.


Oh, and finally, here we have the nation's big unions pushing hard for changes in Obamacare because union members are going to be crushed by rocketing premium costs. The very same unions, by the way, that insisted Obamacare was going to save the nation.


One more thought. Is the Putin embarrassment soon to be named yet another phony scandal?

I suppose.

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