It's come to this. This is no longer a Syria crisis. It's a Russia crisis, and the U.S. is on the losing end.

Russia is dancing circles around the American President and it's not pretty.

The last few days have seen the Russian President Vladimir Putin staying two, three, four steps ahead of the American President over the Syria situation.

And now he has a column in the New York Times?

Bad enough that we have American liberals lecturing us in the New York Times every single day, year in and year out... now the Times is running a lecture-as-column by Vladimir Putin.

(Should I quickly note that the Putin column in the NYT is indistinguishable from normal NYT op-ed fare? OK, noted.)

The column talks about how the United Nations is the only body on the planet which can authorize war (I forget for the moment: did Putin get U.N. permission to invade Georgia?), and how, with the agreement of the United States, the permanent five members of the Security Council each have a veto over any proposed action. In other words, while arguing that the United Nations is the only proper forum for contemplated United States action, Russia would exercise its veto to block action.

Check and checkmate.

But Putin is not only rubbing it in President Obama's face, the macho commie dictator is now now taunting him.

At the end of the piece, Putin picks up on Obama's denial of American Exceptionalism. Remember when Obama said  the Greek's and others probably feel exceptional too?

Now Putin noticed that in his speech to the nation Obama had returned to the American Exceptionalism argument for U.S. action which he'd once rejected.

In his NYT column Putin said "It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional," Putin added we should remember that "when we ask for the Lord's blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal."

The God-less communists lecturing us about God creating all of us equal. It's breathtaking.

And today the White House is arguing that Russia's prestige is on the line in the talks over Syrian chemical weapons.


The White House is way past the point of raising concern about Russian prestige.

It's America's prestige--and all that comes with it, including international power--that is on the line.

Americans are aghast as they watch their once great power drain away, and ask themselves: can we weather forty more months of this?

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