President Obama has sent his troops to Capitol Hill to muster support for an authorization to attack Syria.

Secretary of State Kerry is making the pitch before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee along with Joint Chiefs Chairman Martin Dempsey and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

The selling of a new war is underway. You have to wonder what took them so long.

The Brits have already slipped through Obama's fingers. It's no longer possible to bring them along on this military venture. The Prime Minister's office says there will not be a repeat request to joint the Americans. As far as the UK is concerned. It's over.

The French are with us, for the moment. But there's already a move afoot there to put the question to public debate before the deputies. Are we so sure they will stick with us?

The American public is not convinced. Republicans and Democrats and Independents have told the Pew Research firm they are against intervention.

Not to mention the double cross the President pulled on his own Secretary of State. Kerry goes before the world and says we have proof of an Assad chemical weapons attack and the duty of the U.S. to respond is urgent.

Then the next day the President pulls a rabbit out of his hat. He says I'm going to ask Congress for an authorization, and we have plenty of time to have hearings, take a vote, and attack later.

So now we're asked to believe that if the President gets authorization from Congress he will handle an attack better than he's handled the run-up to the attack.

I submit a person can be in favor of an attack on Syria but at the same time not trust this President to carry it out with competence, decisiveness and determination.

Half measures, quarter measures can be worse than no measures at all.

President Obama has spent his entire presidential career (including his '07-'08 campaign) proving he is not George W. Bush.

Watching the whiplash events of last weekend, I am now entirely convinced.

To our regret.

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