Accused Ft. Hood Shooter Apologizes For Being Part Of Military’s War On Islam


Major Nidal Hasan says the U.S. military in engaged in a war against Muslims and that he is sorry for participating in this “illegal and immoral aggression” against the religion.

In quotes published by Fox News from a six-page statement released to the television network, Fox said Hasan did not directly address the shooting at the Fort Hood, Texas army base in November, 2009. He is accused of opening fire on the base, killing 13 soldiers and injuring 32 people.

“My complicity was on behalf of a government that openly acknowledges that it would hate for the law of Almighty Allah to be the supreme law of the land,” Fox quoted from the statement.

Hasan asked for forgiveness and prayers from “the believers and the innocents” for “participating in the illegal and immoral aggression against Muslims, their religion and their lands.”

…Hasan had said at a pre-trial hearing that he opened fire at the base to protect Muslims and the Taliban in Afghanistan from U.S. aggression.

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