U.S. Senator Marco Rubio is taking a ton of guff from conservatives about his support of the Senate Immigration bill.

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis is making waves in liberal circles over her filibuster in the Texas Legislature on a bill outlawing abortion after 20 weeks.

Rick Perry suddenly sees a political opportunity in standing against Wendy Davis, as more than six in ten Texans support the limitation of abortion at the 20 week mark.

Add it all up and you see Marco Rubio mulling an effort to enact federal law limiting abortion after 20 weeks.

Is Rubio honestly and sincerely behind such a law, or is he engaging in political opportunism? Is Rubio trying to revive his credibility with conservatives after lending his name and reputation to an immigration law conservatives generally do not like?

How about yes and yes?

It's true sponsoring such federal legislation will make many conservatives very happy. Polls show that most Americans do not support on demand abortion in the second and third trimester. Think about the national revulsion over the Kermit Gosnell trial. So yes, Rubio sponsoring such legislation, which he is reportedly considering over this congressional holiday break, would help him mend fences with fuming anti-illegal immigration conservatives.

But it's also yes, in all likelihood Rubio honestly believes such a federal restriction on abortion would be the right thing to do (once again, think Gosnell) and would pass constitutional muster.

Rubio needs some help with conservatives. They will be smarting over the Gang of 8 Senate immigration bill for a long time.

The mindlessness of liberals characterizing the 20 week rule as a "war on women" is all too obvious to most people. Libs buy it, but they're not Rubio voters anyway.

For Rubio "20 week" legislation may be low hanging fruit: easy, juicy and satisfying.

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