ok… i’m back….just checking to see if you’re checking in.

Ok, I've been a bad boy and haven't blogged in lately. So now I've turned over a new leaf.

I'm going to sound like a lot of other people here, but honestly is it possible any longer to hold the position that the Obama Administration is NOT corrupt?

James Rosen's email accessed by a US Attorney lying to a judge that James was a suspected criminal, and the search warrant put under seal by the lie that it had to remain secret because Rosen was a flight risk. These were two outright lies intended to 1) get Rosen's email, and 2) keep it secret from him.

It's a measure of how serious this story is that the New York Times, The New Yorker, the Washington Post have all condemned the Department of Justice for this heavy handed tactic designed to intimidate the press.

I wish they would notice another aspect of the story. The US Attorney in charge of the Leak (Rosen) Investigation is an Obama contributors and a volunteer for Obama For America. The man is an obvious partisan political hack and should not be in a position to bring phoney claims before a US Magistrate and convince him they are true.

In short, he should be removed.

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