The Sequester Is Coming! The Sequester is coming!: The Top Of The Stack For March 1st, 2013!



1)The Sequester Is Coming! The Sequester is coming! ... It looks like Washington failed to get a deal done once again!



2) Sequester Threat Of The Day: Attorney General Eric Holder says the cuts will make Americans 'less safe' -- Oh, and if you disagree, you're a liar!

3) Because gas prices aren't high enough... California will see a gas tax increase starting this July!

4) It will now be easier to raise taxes in the state of Washington! A court ruling says its unconstitutional to require a  "Super-Majority" to pass any new taxes

5) So, why are some women gaining weight? They're not cleaning the house enough!? That's according to a study! Seriously.

6) Is this magazine cover 'racist'?



7) Today, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder will officially declare a financial emergency for Detroit -- this will likely result in the city getting a "financial manager"

8) Bob Woodward and the White House are at war! And it looks like the media is throwing one of their own under the bus!