Tim Tebow To Speak At Anti-Semitic Anti-Gay Pastor’s Dallas Church

tebow_witnesses_for_jesusThis can’t be good for the popular self-identified Christian quarterback’s image:

[T]he Jets‘ quarterback has forced his way back into the spotlight with an April 28 speaking appearance at a Dallas megachurch known for its anti-gay, anti-Semitic pastor, Robert Jeffress.

Like Tebow, Jeffress knows how to grab the media spotlight; however, the Dallas pastor prefers public condemnations of other religions rather than relatively mundane quarterback controversies to worm his way into earned media appearances.

In 2011, Jeffress said Mormonism and Islam originated in “the pit of Hell” and also added that Jews were also ticketed for eternal damnation. A friend of Texas governor and former Presidential candidate Rick Perry, he called Mormonism a cult and told an audience that it should disqualify 2012 GOP candidate Mitt Romney from being President.

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