Record High Gas Prices



If you thought gas prices were high already, a group of business leaders is encouraging the government to raise gas taxes even higher!  The idea is to use the money to rebuild infrastructure, but can we afford higher gas taxes?  What about a mileage tax?  And should "green car" owners have to pay a "road usage" tax?

 Toddler Slapper Fired

An Idaho executive charged with slapping a toddler on a Delta Airlines flight has now been fired.  Should airlines and other businesses do more to avoid conflicts between parents and other customers?  Should there be incentives for parents to keep their kids quiet?  PLUS:  Carnival Triumph passengers are only getting  $500 from the cruise line after enduring 5 days without power, water and food.  Do these passengers deserve more for their trouble?

Drones No Big Deal?

Kevin asks, what do we have to fear from domestic drones????  The FAA has issued permits for 1,428 domestic drone operations.  And while this may put some who are concerned about "Big Brother" into a panic, Kevin says who knows how much security video is available where you live and work already?