Top Of The Stack: Tom’s Top Stories For February 14th, 2013


President Obama takes his plan for "Universal Pre-K" on the road

A group of businesses are asking for an increase in the gas tax and use the money to improve our roads and  infrastructure.

Jack Lew, who may be our next Treasury Secretary, had NO CLUE he had money in the Cayman Islands..

The Marco Rubio "water bottle moment" was funny. But are liberals getting carried away?


New York City Nanny Mayor Bloomberg: Let's ban Styrofoam too

Happy Valentine's Day! And if you don't have a date, have you tried looking on your smartphone? 

Remember that controversial "Obama Phone" program that provides the "needy" with cell phones? Well, according to the Wall Street Journal, many "Obama phone" users may not be very "needy" at all.

  • And in case you forgot, here's the video that introduced many Americans to the  'Obama Phone' :