Top Of The Stack: Tom’s Top Stories For February 13th, 2013


1)Charred human remains were removed that Big Bear cabin where X-Cop Fugitive Chris Dorner was believed to be barricaded

2)At last night's STATE OF THE UNION, President Obama introduce 29 new programs. He also said, Nothing I'm Proposing Should Increase the Deficit a Single Dime"

3) Senator Marco Rubio's GOP Response is being overshadowed by the "WATER BOTTLE-GATE" Moment

4) Some of the Fort Hood survivors are now saying they feel USED & BETRAYED by the White House

5) Remember that controversial "Obama Phone" program that provides the "needy" with cell phones? Well, according to the Wall Street Journal, many "Obama phone" users may not be very "needy" at all.

  • And in case you forgot, here's the video that introduced many Americans to the  'Obama Phone' :


6) Esquire: The Osama Bin Laden "shooter" is being "screwed" by this country. He can't find work, get a pension, get health coverage, etc

7) WI Gov. Scott Walker: You Will TRAIN for FOOD (Stamps!). Walker wants recipents of food stamps to "work" for the service.