(AUDIO) Was Chris Dorner An Antihero? Rambo? A Martyr? … No. He was Just A Troubled, Unstable and Violent Man.


The manhunt for fugitive x-cop Chris Dorner came to a violent end last night. While most Americans are relieved, 'conspiracy nuts', his so-called fan club and other critics are questioning some of the LAPD's tactics! They want to know why the police didn't make more of an effort to apprehend the accused killer instead of  burning down the cabin he was barricaded in.  But Tom says this man was not who his "supporters" think he was.

Below,  Tom points out that Dorner was nothing more than a violent, troubled man. He was not the Rambo-like figure we have cheered for in Hollywood's movies. He turned in to a dangerous killer who targeted innocent people. He was not a hero. Far from it. LISTEN BELOW:

Audio clip: