Top Of The Stack: Tom’s Top Stories For February 12th, 2013


1)North Korea has conducted yet another nuclear test. The White House, and even China, have condemned their actions.

2) Remember that controversial "Obama Phone" program that provides the "needy" with cell phones? Well, according to the Wall Street Journal, many "Obama phone" users may not be very "needy" at all.

  • And in case you forgot, here's the video that introduced many Americans to the  'Obama Phone' :


3) Should colleges be held more "accountable" for what happens to graduates once they're in the workforce? Lawmakers on both sides think so and have come up with a plan to do so!

4) The Democrats are being sorta quiet about Jack Lew and his Cayman Islands investments!

5) Tesla says the New York Times LIED about their electric car, saying claims the paper made in a car review were 'fake'.

  • A Forbes writer was not only disturbed by the cars quality, but also by Tesla's practices!

6) Esquire: The Osama Bin Laden "shooter" is being "screwed" by this country. He can't find work, get a pension, get health coverage, etc

7) WI Gov. Scott Walker: You Will TRAIN for FOOD (Stamps!). Walker wants recipents of food stamps to "work" for the service.