Top Of The Stack: Tom’s Top Stories For February 11th, 2013


1)Pope Benedict says he will resign at the end of the month...

2) Speaking in front of President Obama last week, a conservative doctor, Benjamin Carson, criticized ObamaCare and laid out his own plan to fix America's health care system... GREAT video, but what do you think of the doctor's ideas?

3) As the manhunt for the ex-cop accused of three revenge killings continues, his 'fan club' also continues to grow. Why the heck would Americans back this guy?

4) Thanks to ObamaCare, California may suffer from a serious doctor shortage!

5) Here we go again! Jack Lew, President Barack Obama's Treasury Secretary nominee, is holding money in the Cayman Islands!

6) "Didn't Get The Memo". Some stars ignored CBS's new, stricter dress code for last night's Grammys!

7) More Republicans moving to the middle on Immigration. Eric Cantor says the children of illegals should get citizenship!

8) Nancy Pelosi: What spending problem?

9) University to help some of its graduates pay down their student loans?