Do Americans Care About the Pope?


Pope Benedict XVI has announced he'll resign at the end of the month.  In a country that seems to be growing more secular, do Americans still care about the Pope?  FOX NEWS Executive Vice President and former Vatican correspondent for Time magazine, John Moody joins Tom to discuss Pope Benedict's legacy and the future of the Catholic Church.

Doctor Proposes Health Care Reform

During last week's National Prayer breakfast, Dr. Benjamin Carson explained to President Obama and the other guests why ObamaCare won't work ,and then laid out his own plan for fixing our broken health care system.  Afterwards, the Left called Dr. Carson rude, while conservatives praised him for his honesty.  Tom will play Carson's controversial remarks.

Cop-Killer Fan Club?

As the manhunt for the LA-area cop-killer continues, some are starting to sympathize with the former police officer.  But why?  Are Americans watching too many movies?  Do we distrust or dislike cops that much in this country?