Top Of The Stack: Tom’s Top Stories For February 8th, 2013


1) Here comes NEMO! A massive blizzard is expected to hit the Northeast!

2) CIA Director nominee John Brennan defended President Obama's "targeting" and "drone" programs yesterday ...

2) Exploitation? Newtown kids will perform at this Sunday's Grammy's!

3) CBS is enforcing a stricter dress code at this Sunday's Grammy's.  --- "The memo sent out Wednesday also warned against "see-through clothing," exposure of "the genital region" and said that "thong type costumes are problematic."" Great. But Um, have they seen the rest of their programming?

4) Speaking in front of President Obama, a conservative doctor criticized ObamaCare and laid out his plan to fix America's health care system... GREAT video, but what do you think of the doctor's ideas?

5) Too Cautious? Too cowardly? Or a sign bold leadership? President Obama defied the State Department and many of his advisers and refused to arm the Syrian rebels.

6) The Washington Redskins are taking heat for their team name again .. Is their name a racial slur? Should it be changed?

7) Hmmm. Standards and Poor's sued for their role in the Wall Street. But not Moody's ... which Warren Buffet has a big stake in. Just saying.

8) No Jobs. Young Americans are the country's "most stressed" generation.

9) Why do "good girls" like bad guys? Rhianna being heavily criticized for defending, dating the man that beat her

Add Seattle to the list of cities trying to regulate or stop the use of police and private drones ..