TOP OF THE STACK: Tom’s Top Stories For February 6th, 2013

Here Are Some Of The Stories We Were Looking At Today ... 

1) Rick Perry is running a radio ad in California trying to lure businesses from CA to TX. Jerry Brown acts like it's no big deal. In fact, he says it's barely 'a fart'. MORE STATE FINANCES ** Illinois governor wants his state to have the highest 'minimum wage' in the country ** Chicago will no longer respond to all 911 calls --Dispatchers Won't Send Police to Minor Incidents So They Can Work on Reducing Number of Homicides Baltimore heading toward bankruptcy

2) 8.8 millions now on disability - a new record. yay. SURVEY: Most Americans think it's important to preserve adequate Social Security benefits for younger generations -- and they may even be willing to pay more taxeS to get that assurance Social Security, health care spending will hit $3.2T a year within the next decade if changes aren't made

3)Too Little, Too Late? The postal service to cut (some) Saturday service. The former US comptroller general: The USPS' business model was designed for a pre-internet world. His advice: stock up on forever stamps.


4) Americans spent 5.5 billion hours in traffic in 2011, costing us over $100B. So... do we need more roads? Mass transit? Or are there other answers? ** Only 5.2 percent of highway funds used to build new roads MSN MONEY: More people are relying on public transportation in a time of high gas prices, and young adults in particular don't really want a set of wheels.

5) DELAYED: Boy Scouts (WERE) expected to vote on ending ban ON gay membership Former Eagle Scout, president of the Florida Family Policy Council John Stemberger: The BSA is buckling to corporate pressure and has allowed pro-gay CEOS in to their highest ranks **Pentagon to grant SOME benefits for same sex couples

6) WA TIMES: President Obama's health care law will push 7 million people out of their job-based insurance coverage -- nearly twice the previous estimate! - Are you an employer who plans on dropping this benefit? ** WSJ: Why some Republican state governors, including AZ's Jan Brewer, are flip-flopping on ObamaCare and expanding Medicaid. IRS: Cheapest Obamacare plan all be $20,000 per family

7) POLITICO: Obamacare Could Nearly Triple Premiums for some young, healthy men - the premium for a relatively bare-bones policy for a 27-year-old male nonsmoker on the individual market would be nearly 190 percent higher. Gallup: 61% of Small Business Worried Over healthcare costs, 30% not hiring for fear of Going out of Business

7) The Fed Hacked By Anonymous! The Central bank confirms the info of 4,000 bankers has been stolen NYT, WSJ & WAPO all hacked!!

8) Are Republicans headed toward civil War? CBS says Rove and Cantor want to move toward "moderation" and the Tea Party is pushing back. Does Pragmatism ALWAYS mean 'moderation'? (VIDEO) Krauthammer: GOP should do NOTHING about the Sequester

9) California proposal would require people to buy gun insurance

REUTERS: Owners and makers of "assault-style weapons" would face civil liability under a package of measures unveiled on Tuesday by top lawmakers in Colorado

10) NYT: Air travel is the biggest 'carbon sin'