(AUDIO) “Barely A Fart”!?: @JerryBrownGov Slams Texas @GovernorPerry For Trying To Lure California Businesses With Radio Ad

Here's That Rick Perry Ad That Appeared to Get Under California Governor Jerry Brown's Skin:

And Here Is Jerry Brown's "Thoughtful' Response ..

For years, Texas Governor Rick Perry has tried to lure California companies to his "business friendly" state.

But this week, things got personal when Governor Perry bought radio spots in California that promoted the states 'low taxes' and 'sensible regulations'. California Governor Jerry Brown said Perry's spots intended to woo his state's businesses were nothing more than a "burp", or "barely a fart". Whatever that means.

While Brown may not take Perry's ads very seriously, some California businesses might. As Tom has mentioned in the past, companies are starting to get fed up with the high taxes in states like California and packing up for more business friendly climates like Texas and Florida.

Will this fight between Texas and California serve as a wakeup call for other high taxing states? And Tom asks if you'd ever pack up your home or business and leave your Blue State for 'Redder' pastures.