Not Ready For Prime Time: Did Shoddy “Green Technology” Cause Super Bowl blackout?


Forget Baltimore's exciting win. The biggest story from last night's Super Bowl was that 34-minute blackout.

Now it turns out that the Superdome's new energy efficient system may be to blame for the long and eerie interruption!

"Bob", who claimed to have intended last night's game, called in to the show and said staffers and insiders blamed the arena's 'green' electrical system when they tried to explain to the crowd what was going on.

According to "Bob", an electrician who claimed to have worked on the Superdome and was also attending the game, dint seem surprised by the outage. According to Bob, the electrician and even arena staffers have been worried about the energy efficient technology since it was put in.

You buy it? Here's Bob's call.. you can judge for your self?

Audio clip:

Tom has often wondered if "green technology" is ready for prime time! Did last night's black out prove that it's not? WEIGH IN HERE