Blackout and Beyonce

Blackout and Beyonce

Last night's Super Bowl blackout plus and the recent hackings of the New York Times and the Energy Department have Tom wondering if we're ready for the realities of cyber warfare!  PLUS: President Obama said he's not sure he'd let a son play football because of how potentially dangerous it is!  Will the sport have to change?  Would you let your son play?


 Happy Birthday Income Tax!

Income taxes were instituted 100 years ago and now a century later, policymakers are still trying to tweak it.  Some even want to abolish it!  Tom runs through the history of the income tax and discusses alternative ways to generate revenue.


18% Tip Too Much?

A St. Louis pastor was recently put off by a diner bill that automatically added an 18 percent gratuity for the waitress.  Pastor Alois Bell responded by writing a note on the bill asking, "I give God 10%, why do you get 18?"  Does the pastor have a point, or was she just being cheap?  And, did the waitress deserve to get fired for posting the bill online?