2% Tax Increase


When the payroll holiday was introduced a few years ago, a lot of conservatives argued it wouldn't stimulate the economy. But now that it's over, will the 2% tax increase hamper consumer spending?  How painful is that 2% increase and is it changing the way you shop?


Right to Trash Employer?

According to the National Labor Relations Board, employees have the right to go on Facebook or anywhere online and trash their workplace and their boss without fear of retribution.  Is that fair to the employer?  Do an employee's privacy and first amendment rights trump an employer's rights?  PLUS: A Utah man claims he fired two employees because they were Obama supporters!  Is that fair?


Pay More for American-Made?

USA Today reports 80% of shoppers say they're willing to pay more for American-made products.  Tom says that's malarkey!  He argues that what people say and what people do are two very different things!