Dow Closes At 5-Year High! But Is Another Crash Coming? — Find Out Why Some Are Saying ‘Get Ready’ This Weekend On @FOXBUSINESS

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Is the debt ceiling problem worse than the fiscal cliff? Tom talks to former Reagan Economic Adviser Art Laffer. Then, despite the current Bull Market, economic forecaster Harry Dent tells Tom why he thinks another stock market crash is set to hit this year! And, in case you haven't noticed, your grocery bill has been skyrocketing! Will another drought cause food prices to go even higher? Tom asks Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert. Then,'s Nick Gillespie tells Tom why President Obama's new gun initiatives won't make Americans any safer. And, Tom gets the latest on a major property rights case from Pacific Legal Foundation Director James Burling. Plus, the panel tackles the debt ceiling, ending income taxes and a Utah juice bar that charges liberals a $1 more! All that and Tom hears from you with Comment Roulette!