Apology for “Fascism” Remark

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey has apologized for calling ObamaCare a form of fascism.  Mackey may regret some of his words, but is he right that ObamaCare is a bad bill that will hurt businesses and patients?  Why is there so much pushback against anyone who speaks out against ObamaCare?

End Income Tax?

A handful of states are considering plans that would eliminate their state's income tax in exchange for a higher sales tax.  Critics say increasing the sales tax would put even more pressure on the poor and middle class.  Tom asks if these sales tax proposals are wise.  Would you move to another state to pay lower income taxes?


Long-Term Unemployed

President Obama's Job Council reportedly hasn't met in a year.  Meanwhile, the long-term unemployment rate is the highest since World War II.  Tom asks why so many Americans are still have trouble finding work YEARS after the recession allegedly ended! Is it ObamaCare, "uncertainty" or something else?