Former Michele Bachmann Campaign Aide Files Complaint, Alleges Violations Of Law

bachmann_aaaaaughMaking it worse: the complainant is a well-known Christian evangelist!

A top adviser in Michele Bachmann’s 2012 White House bid has filed a complaint with federal election officials alleging campaign finance violations involving her presidential campaign and the independent political action committee she leads.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaint was filed Tuesday by Peter Waldron, a widely known evangelist enlisted by the Bachmann campaign for outreach to Christian conservatives. The filing follows his allegations last week that the Bachmann campaign has withheld payments to staffers who refused to sign confidentiality agreements.

Waldron, formerly Bachmann’s national field coordinator, is accusing the campaign of improperly dipping into money from MichelePAC to pay longtime fundraising consultant Guy Short for presidential campaign work he performed in the critical final weeks ahead of Iowa’s caucuses last year.

Righteous Biblical role model — or a PAC of lies? Sorry, couldn’t resist!  As I’m fond of saying, grab the popcorn…

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