[Video] Leverage!

Leverage! Aside from the Bermuda Triangle of the Labor Participation Rate, the latest Jobs numbers and perfunctory positive spin in the MSM will give President Obama even more leverage to exact his Election demand of raising taxes on the "Top Two Percent." Even Senator Rand Paul is now saying Republicans should let Obama get his way and own the consequences. Should they? Gibson rules.

Elevate! Former DNC Chair Howard Dean went off the PR reservation and said Taxes should go up on "everyone." He joins lots of Conservatives saying the same thing but Dean wants everyone to pay more so America can be festooned with High Speed Rail, Electric Cars and Social Justice. Conservatives just want everyone to have some skin in the game. Is Dr. Dean right in the abstract? Gibson examines.

Plus: MSM marrying DeMint adios with death of Tea Party and The Hip Hop Week in Review!