[Video] Hope & Change!

Hope & Change! The Final "Pre-Election" Jobs number came out today and the United States is now at 7.9 percent unemployment. It shows some promise but the unemployment rate was 7.8% when President Obama was inaugurated and his administration promised it would be 5.6%, today, if the Stimulus was passed in 2009. Is this number a game changer? Gibson examines.

Algae! As the NY Metro areas takes to, Homelessness, Dumpster Diving and waiting in Jimmy Carter Style Gas lines; President Obama is on the Stump taking a bow for his great "leadership" on Hurricane Sandy. The President is also back talking about Wind Farms and Electric Cars as our future. Shockingly, President Obama also might win re-election! Gibson rages.

Plus: Dick Morris vs. David Axelrod and Prediction Madness, Post Racial Updates and Hip Hop Week in Review!