@Judgenap Joins Tom Sullivan This Weekend On FOX BUSINESS!

Is "Collective Bargaining" a Constitutionally protected right? A Wisconsin judge has called the state's recently-enacted "anti-union" law unconstitutional. Judge Andrew Napolitano joins Tom to discuss how Wisconsin and Michigan are dealing with "collective bargaining". Then, does privatization always help consumers? It backfired on liquor sales in Washington State. Tom talks to Wall Street Journal economist Steve Moore about how higher taxes affect consumer behavior. And, do voters care about a presidential candidate's VP pick? Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley says they should, and has surprising facts about past U.S. vice presidents. Then, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura says it's time for a third party. Plus, the panel tackles whether the government should buy back GM stocks, if Mitt Romney forced Obama's hand on China, and which is more important to voters - high unemployment or high gas prices. All that and Tom hears from you with Comment Roulette!