[Video] Fear & Loathing

Fear & Loathing! In an ironic twist, "establishment" Republicans are attacking Mitt Romney for his "47 Percent" line, in the Obama Campaign's Secret leaked tapes, while Purity Test Conservatives, who were against Romney being the nominee are vociferously defending him. Everyone is urging him to "own it" in one way or the other. Is he doing enough? Gibson speaks with Ed Rollins. Plus: Thrilled Obama Cable Anchors burst into Song in glee!

Redistribution! The Drudge Report and Romney Campaign are now focused on a 1998 Clip of President Obama admitting he likes "redistribution" and many are using it as a "gotcha" retort to Mitt's Secret Tapes. Is this all they got? Isn't that well covered territory already? Gibson on the clip.