Happy Labor Day … For Everyone But Big Labor?

Per Gallup:


A Bad Day For Big Labor ~ This isn't a very happy Labor Day for many of the nation's labor unions! Their membership numbers, popularity and influence all seem to be shrinking! Are public and private unions still serving a positive purpose in this country? And are laws intended to 'protect' the individual employee - like the minimum wage - doing more harm than good?

Out Of School and Out Of Work. ~ Does America have too many college graduates? And is college nothing more than a big waste of money for most people? With so many young Americans out of work and drowning in debt, Spencer asks if college is still 'worth it' for most people! And do you regret your college major ... or going to college at all?

Unsafe At Any ... Age? ~~ When is someone too old to drive? Last week, a 100-year-old man backed his car in to a group of school children. With 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day, how should states cope with the growing number of elderly (and allegedly dangerous) drivers? Or is it unfair to pick on the seniors? PLUS: Have you ever had to take the keys away from mom and dad?