[Video] The Kid!

The Kid! VP nominee Paul Ryan sent Obama Anchors and Pundits across the airwaves into fits of hysteria after knocking his nomination speech out of the ballpark. "The Hill.com" said "Ryan Carved up Obama, "conservatives were all thrilled and one Left Wing Blogger noted that Ryan was "a nasty little piece of work." So it worked but will it matter in the end? Gibson examines.

Tri-Star Before Ryan even walked out on stage, Hispanic NM Governor Susana Martinez and African American former Secretary of State Condi Rice gave rousing speeches to joyous throngs of "Women Hating, "Dog Whistle" equipped Racist Delegates in room. Many are saying that Condi is now the frontrunner for the GOP in 2016! Was it an effective pushback against the fake "racism" and "War on Women" narratives? Gibson rules.

Plus: Obama Media Jumps Shark on Race Baiting and angry Democrats scream "liar" at Paul and Mitt after engaging in months of prima facie lying.