[Video] Dump!

Dupe! Even though the "Ryan/Wyden Plan" on Medicare doesn't phase in until 2023 and doesn't apply to people 54 or younger and allows people to opt in for standard Medicare after 2023 and isn't Romney's Plan in the First Place, the Obama Team and the Obama Media have begun their efforts to Lie and Scare Grandma all over the Sunshine State. Will these latest round of fabrications be effective? Gibson examines. Plus: Obama Media goes all in!

Redistribute! On the heels of "spread the wealth" and "..you didn't build that, " President Obama told supporters in Iowa yesterday that Wealthy people were: "Lucky" "Blessed" and "Fortunate" (as opposed to hardworking, smart and courageous) while touting his new vision for an America where "prosperity is shared." Is going "Socialist" a smart campaign theme? Gibson judges.

Plus: Christie to Keynote, Mortgage Principal Write Down Gambit and Seasonal Unemployment Bailed Out by Obama!