Michigan Hopes To Enshrine Union Rights– Is It An “Economic Death Warrant”?

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Over 40 million Americans tuned in for Friday night's opening ceremonies. And while there have been a handful of controversies and criticisms surrounding the event, most people seem to be deeming it a success. Tom however, thought it was terrible ... and he'll explain why!

"Economic Death Warrant"

A union-backed ballot proposal in Michigan would make collective bargaining a constitutional right! Which means, despite the apparent success of 'right to work' legislation in a handful of states, Michigan Democrats wants to eliminate any chance of it ever being passed. Would you support a similar proposal in your state? Or is proposal the 'economic death warrant' some critics are calling it?

PLUS: More cities in and outside of California are teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.


The alleged Aurora shooter James Holmes was in court today where he was charged with 24 counts of first-degree murder. However, there's no audio or video of today's hearing because the judged has banned cameras from the courtroom. News organizations are fuming, saying they have a right to witness the trial but the judge and others want to avoid 'a media circus'. Should the public and the media be allowed to see the Trial LIVE? Will airing the hearings inspire copycats? And should that matter?