Senator Schumer Calls for “Limits on First Amendment Rights” (VIDEO)

While debating the DISCLOSE ACT, Senator Charles Schumer said not putting limits on the First Amendment Rights of campaign donors jeopardizes Democracy:

Should there be limits on how much anyone can donate to a campaign or a SUPER PAC? Should large donations -- or all donations -- be made public?



* The DISCLOSE Act would require any group that spends more than $10,000 on political advertisements to file a report each time it does so, and to disclose the names of donors of more than $10,000.

* Donors who specify that their contributions are not to be used for political purposes would be exempt.

* Republicans say that the proposed law favors unions because union members could give large numbers of small donations that would fall below the $10,000 threshold for mandatory disclosure.

* The Democrats respond by noting that the $10,000 threshold for reporting contributions applies to all groups and individuals and would not create an advantage for labor unions.