[Video] Bainers

Bainers! As one blogger noted, the "Bainers are the new Birthers." Despite Multiple Fact Check Organizations repeatedly claiming President Obama's claims about Mitt Romney's length of tenure at Bain are "false," the Obama Campaign is committed to their Scorched Earth policy, regardless. Will lying ultimately be the best tactic for re-election? Pundits are mixed. Gibson examines.

Boss Tweed! As the election looms around the corner President Obama and Democrats are doing what they do best by greasing the skids of the Welfare State. From SSDI to 99 Weeks to SNAP Commercials and now using HHS to allow States to waive "work requirement" for TANF (Welfare Reform.) Can the Massive Welfare State GOTV for Obama? Gibson looks.

Plus: President Obama channels Elizabeth Warren saying "successful" people and businesses don't deserve credit for their own success!